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This Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan (Towards Zero) will work towards improving road safety in the Northern Territory over the next ve years. Towards Zero will guide improvements in road safety, making all road users safer and reducing the lives lost and serious injuries on Territory roads.

The Rotary Club of Katherine will be re-establishing it's road safety centre. The first centre was destroyed in the 1998 flood. The Club hopes that the centre will be open by Deceber 2019, in time for the school holidays. The centre has a road loyout with painted lines, a roundabout, pedestrian crossing. The Club is seeking sponsors for bicycles, pedal cars, reduced size road signs and the installation of traffic lights. To help this worthwhile cause, contact the secretary:

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So, passed your L's and now have your P's?  You are a free agent, can go where you want, when you want. But you need a car. Always choose a used car with the highest safety rating, and make sure it is fitted with as many safety features as possible for that model. Your choice of car can be the difference between survival or being seriously injured or killed if you are in a crash. Use this  Buyer's Guide to Used Car Safety Ratings to help you identify the safest models among second-hand vehicles. Go to this ANCAP site to check your car's safety standard.

DRV4LYF is pleased to be the only motorcycle approved training school in Katherine. 

We offer the old METAL courses which are now called Pre-Learner and Pre-Provisional Motorcycle Training programs.

see our Motorcycle page. For pictures of our graduates - see here

Motor Vehicle Registry has some excellent publications that you can download

DrivesafeNT is an NT Government sponsored driving program. It offers both theory for the L test, the actual L test, up to 10 driving lessons (we charge $20 per lesson) in either manual or automatic cars. It also includes a free P test and two years for a P licence. Sign up with MVR. Go here for  information and the enrolment form.

NT Road Rules is a comprehensive guide for all drivers.

The handbook contains information about the rules of the road and basic driving skills.

Download it here. The information will help you pass your Learners test and drive safely on the road.

Ten year free licence for safe P-Plate drivers

Northern Territory P-Plate drivers that maintain an unblemished traffic infringement record during their provisional licence period are eligible to receive a *FREE 10 year open Class C licence. (*Conditions apply). 

The 10 year licence is issued free of charge on licence renewal to go onto an open licence.

Ready for your P Test?

Then read this booklet from MVR because it will tell you what you must and must not do in the test.  You will notice that observation is a key part of the test, so make sure that you check over your shoulder every time you move off, change lanes, turn right and left, park and in fact whenever you deviate from the straight line!!

Click on the cover on the left and on that page you will be able to see what happens in a test and there is a link to the booklet that you can download.

Drive safe, Drive wise, drive for life

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