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DrivesafeNT - get your Ls & 10 lessons + the P test

DriveSafeNT  is a driver education, training and licensing program for Territory residents of any age.  DriveSafeNT provides people who want to learn to drive with the opportunity to gain essential knowledge of road rules, safe driving practices and attitudes, and to access professional driver training to make you safer on our roads.As a student in the DriveSafe NT program, you will receive education and training by qualified driving instructors and assessors as well as more than $600 in subsidies towards obtaining a drivers licence, including:

  • A DriveSafe NT Participant Pack with log book, road rules book and information about the course

  • 9 hours of classroom-based theory driver and road safety education in Drive 1 and Drive 2 courses

  • Learner license test in the classroom at the end of the 6 hour course

  • Learners licence will be sent by MVR Darwin

  • Then you can have up to 10 subsidised driving lessons. DRV4LYF will charge you only $20 per lesson. For people not on DrivesafeNT the cost of a lesson is $60

  • When you are ready for the P test you will get two attempts - at no cost. For non-DrivesafeNT students each test costs $100

  • First@Scene - St John Ambulance NT online first aid course.

  • Incentives to support supervised driving practice.

  • Access to online tools to track and manage your driver education.

To sign up for the course you:

1.    GO to MVR and pay the fee of $110 (MVR will record your details, take your photo and give you an eye test)/ It will probably be atthe Katherine Rotary Park, next to Clyde Fenton pre-school.

2.    WAIT for DrivesafeNT to contact you which they will do once they have the numbers to run a course. They will tell you when and where the Theory 1 training will take place.

3.    Then LOG IN to the DrivesafeNT website (as described in your book) with your user number and password and book your place on the Theory 1 class.

4.   TURN UP to the theory sessions with the designated driving school that DrivesafeNT told you about.

5.   DRV4LYF Driving School will run 2 x 3 hour training sessions (or an alternative time to suit you or our clients)  and at the end of which you will sit a 35 question multiple-choice theory test. The results of the test will be sent to Darwin and your license will be sent to the address that you gave at  enrolment.

DriveSafeNT 1 Theory conducted Sep 2017

Drivesafe Theory 2 conducted Jan 2018

Drive safe, Drive wise, drive for life

Created by Christopher Dixon 2016