Pre Provisional Course - get your Ps

One night of theory and one morning of practical riding skills


​The Pre Provisional course will teach you the skills and knowledge needed for  safer riding. It includes both theory and practical sessions including an on-road component. Students take part in our 20-metre challenge - how slow can you go? At the end of this you can gain your Provisional licence.

Students should supply their own LAMS approved and registered motorcycle and full  safety gear that includes boots or shoes that cover the ankles, long trousers, long sleeved jacket, gloves (fully enclosed) and helmet.


Next course:  4 & 5December 2020

Theory class Friday 4 December 2020:1500 - 1730. We teach you the theory of counter steering, progressive braking, emergency stops and slow braking.


The practical component  is on Saturday 5 December starting at 0:700. It will be held at the bus interchange where we practice what we have learned. Lots of manoeuvres to test your skills.


Then there is a long bike ride incorporating as many of these skills as possible. 


If interested email and ask for an enrolment form

Spaces available for this course: 4

Future courses

2021 TBA

Classes can be organised at other times if we have a minimum of 2 paid up students

Locations: Theory training is conducted at the Rotary Park Conference Centre, corner Lockheed and Rapide Streets. Practical sessions are held at the bus interchange on Chambers Drive

Link to photos of previous courses

Drive safe, Drive wise, drive for life

Created by Christopher Dixon 2016