Pre Learner Course - get your Ls

One night of theory and one morning of practical riding skills


​The Pre Learner course is designed for people who have never ridden a motorbike. We recommend you take the road rules test at MVR or practise test here BEFORE the class. Classes include theory and practical sessions.

For the practical, students should supply their own LAMS approved and registered motorcycle and full  safety gear that includes boots or shoes that cover the ankles, long trousers, long sleeved shirt, gloves (fully enclosed) and helmet. This bike must e 50cc or more.


 Next course:  5 & 6 June 2020

Theory class 

5 June 2020 starting at 5pm. You will learn all about motorcycle safety and the theory behind riding bikes - braking, clutch control, and observation skills that will keep you alive.

Practical class

The practical is held on 6 June 2020 will be held at the bus interchange Chambers Drive commencing at 7am. You should have your bike delivered there. We will teach you bike maintenance and you will practice a variety of manoeuvres that will build up your skills as a motorcyclist. We will not be going on the public road system.  Students must supply their own registered LAMS approved motorcycle.

If interested email and ask for an enrolment form

Spaces available for this course: 4

Future courses

7 & 8 Aug 2020

2 & 3 Oct 2020

4 & 5 Dec 2020

Classes can be organised at other times if we have a minimum of 2 paid up students

Drive safe, Drive wise, drive for life

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