14 Nov 2021:  David Smith 20 metre crawl - well done - 5th place

Chloe; Lacey Ann; Alan; Jordan

Pre Ps Nov 2021.HEIC
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20 metre Crawl Challenge

It's easy to go fast on a bike. The skill to control your bike at slow speeds is an integral part of a rider's toolkit.

So we have set up a challenge for all riders on the P & the L courses to cover a 20  metre stretch as slow as they can. Doing this in more than 30 seconds is incredibly hard. The slowest wins.

Results so far - in seconds:-

Riley          52.09 (P) champion

Leroy          47.65 (P)

Caleb          45.42 (P)

Tim             44.13 (L)

David          43.84 (P)

Seb             43:77 (P)

Sam            42.02 (P)

Leroy          41.82 (L)

Andrew      40.40 (P)

Jed             40.22 (L)

Jake           39.93 (P)

Jonathan  38.29 (P)

Dylan         37.71 (P)

Dirk            36:53 (P)

Lachy         36.33 (L)

Jarred        35.80 (P)

Sebastian  35.52 (L)

Bryan         34.48 (P)

Mia             33.86 (P)

Judy           32.77 (P)

Edward      30.29 (P)

Toby           31.88 (L)

Thomas      28.16 (P)

Jack            27.28 (P)

Jared          27.46 (P)

Trent          27.00 (P)

Chase         25.63 (P)

Ryder         24.70 (L)

Campbell   23.28 (L)

Lee             22.76 (P)

Thomas     21.68 (P)

Adam         21.32 (P)

Sophie       21.23 (P)

Leon           18.43 (P)

Chloe         17.86 (P)

Brent         16.79 (P)

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